Let’s make “safe” “secure” “clean” “comfortable” gym together!Let’s make
“safe” “secure” “clean” “comfortable”
gym together!

Anytime Fitness has been dedicating
to keep the facility clean and sanitized
in order to provide
workout space for our members.

Although cluster COVID-19 infection
has commonly been occurred
in 「closed spaces」「crowded places」
「close-contact settings」,
we firmly believe that our facility is not
considered as “Three Cs” other than
general fitness clubs because
Anytime Fitness is
a machine-focused
and self-training gym.

Anytime Fitness is designed
to be ventilated automatically
by air-conditioning system twice
in every hour.
Therefore, our facility is not applicable
to 「closed spaces」.
Moreover, since our members are
able to work out
by their own pace at each machine, and
our facility is available for 24 hours,
they can avoid the congestion situation
and 「close-contact settings」.

As mentioned above,
although Anytime Fitness
is originally designed
as 「Non-Three Cs」 gym,
we have set new rules and regulations
in order to continue
to develop measures
of 「Non-Three Cs」.
In order to protect
「safe」「secure」 gym,
All members’ cooperation
is essential because
their morals and manners
have been a big part of maintaining
the facility environment for us.
We kindly ask all members
to understand the new rules
and regulations
to make 「comfortable」 gym together.
Thank you for your continued support.

Safety Measures Implemented by Staff

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※We will update our safety measures if another effective measure is introduced.

Safety Measures in Facility

※Each gym is ventilated automatically by air-conditioning system twice in every hour.

Each gym is designed to operate ventilation automatically twice in every hour.
Staff is also thorough to ventilate the facility by opening windows in staff hours.

※Please refrain from ventilating windows or smoke outlet by your own decision. It might affect our security management

We will update our safety measures if another effective measure is introduced.

Request to All Members for Cooperation

In an effort to prevent
the spread of infection,
please respect the following rules
and regulations for the time being.

※We kindly ask for your cooperation.

If you have
any sick-like symptoms,
please refrain from using
the facility.

Please refrain from going to gym if you have the following related COVID-19 symptoms.

● If you are having sick-like symptoms such as cough
● If you have a fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius
● If you are feeling fatigue or difficulty in breathing
● If you are having cough, phlegm, or feeling pressure in chest
● If you lose sense of smell or taste
● If you had close-contact with person who has tested positive for COVID-19
● If someone around you is showing any symptoms mentioned above

Please wear a mask as entry to gym.

※Please control the intensity of workouts and stay hydrated.
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Due to the guidance from the government and the status of congestion in facility,
mutual use of gym might not be permitted in order to prioritize the use of facility for members of each gym.
If you want to use other gyms, please check their websites beforehand.

Please wash your hands and use
hand sanitizers as entering and leaving gym.

Please wipe down all equipments
after workout finished.

Please keep social distance
from one another.

We might restrict admission to gym
or the duration of using facility depending
on the status of congestion in facility.

We kindly ask members to spend
their time in gym to an hour a day.

Group training with more than
three people is prohibited.
(Please refrain from chatting during workouts)

※The rules and regulations could suddenly be changed in response to social situations.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

Anytime Fitness is dedicating to take various measures to keep the facility safe and secure.
At Anytime Fitness, the safety of our members, staff,
and people in the community is our top priority.
In order to accomplish our mission “Get to a Healthier Place”,
we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.